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5 hour Pre-licensing Course

This course is a pre-requisite for booking a road test appointment. Classes are held every Tuesday evening at 6:30 pm. Class schedule is subject to change, please call for a schedule. The class must be paid in cash at the door.

These courses include a coupon for the following discounts:
$25.00 off 10 lesson package
$20.00 off 6 lesson package
$10.00 off with either road test service

Private Lessons

All private lessons include door-to-door pick-up

service at your home or place of business.

 45 minute lesson $63.00 (payment button here)

 90 minute lesson $120.00 (payment button here)

Private Lesson Packages

6 Lesson Package $399.00 (payment button here)

The 6 lesson package is designed for the student with some experience or with access to another car for additional practice. It includes all of the following:
6-45 minute lessons
road test appointment
road test
$355.00 without Road Test Service (payment button here)
Save over the single lesson rate & save even more with a coupon from attending our 5 hour class

10 Lesson Package $539.00* (payment button here)

For the student with little or no experience, this course includes all of the following:

10-45 minute lessons 

road test appointment 

road test 

$489.00 without Road Test Service (payment button here)

Save more than $150.00 over the single lesson rate (save even more with a coupon from attending our 5 hour class*)

6 Hour Defensive Driving Course

For licensed drivers-save 10% on your liability and physical damage auto insurance premiums, and remove up to 4 points off your drivers license! Course is offered on a scheduled basis– please call our office for dates and times. $50.00 if you pre-pay, $55.00 if you pay at the door.

Road Test Service
<style=”text-align: center;”>Road test w/45 minute lesson $149.00 (payment button here)
<style=”text-align: center;”>Road test w/90 minute lesson $175.00 (payment button here)
Lessons given in conjunction with a road test include a simulated road test which will review all skills necessary for you to pass.

Highway Driving Lessons

60 minute lesson $70.00 (payment button here)

Learn proper techniques for high speed parkway and highway driving: lane changing, passing merging onto crowded highways. exit ramps, proper spacing and much more. This lesson is designed for the new or inexperienced licensed driver. If you have a phobia about using our highways, then you are not getting all you can be from your drivers license. Our highways and parkways can be some of the safest roads you ever travel. Let our instructors show you how to achieve true driving independence.